My new paleo lifestyle

My darling brother, sister and my sister-in-law inspired me to give the paleo lifestyle a go. I saw how there lives and bodies transformed and was intrigued. So I did what anyone serious about such a change would do. I bought some books and did plenty of online research to ensure I was well informed and equipped for success. I was immediately hooked on the books and numerous websites. Full of interesting detail on the pros and cons of day to day food consumption. I committed to 30 days and told myself if at the end of those 30 days, I didn’t feel like this lifestyle change was a struggle day to day, I’d give it another 30 days and so on. March 10th was the end of my second month and I feel bloody fantastic!! I look at every meal in a whole new way. I’ve always been a label reader, and conscience of what I do eat, but it’s on a whole other level now. Having always struggled with my weight I feel like I’ve found my match. 2 years ago I made another commitment to myself to become more active. I found a personal trainer who I see regularly, I consistently monitor my food, and yet 2 years later I saw minimal results until recently. Removing everything that is not part of a paleo lifestyle has solved the unanswered stomach problems I’ve had for as long as I recall not to mention FINALLY getting past a weight loss plateau. People often make comments like “how do you live?”, “what do you eat?”, “why deprive yourself?”. I try not to shake my head as they seem like silly comments. I eat real food and it all tastes mighty mighty fine. I don’t feel deprived one bit. If I’m out for a night with friends, I will indulge to an extent, but know what affect certain indulgences will have so I ask myself if its worth it. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. Now, I’m not saying a paleo lifestyle is the be all end all, but it’s been great for me and my body and I couldn’t be happier.


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