Basic domestic skills everyone should know

What a great read. Home Economics provides valuable and practical skills that go a long way in daily living. Life long skills! The more you know the better you are.

I Believe In Butter

Mary Norris, home economist. Image courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives .

One of my emerging callings appears to be reclaiming domesticity. Earlier this year I posted to my personal Facebook page that I thought it was time to bring back classes like home economics to education. I took this in eighth grade. I remember that we cooked and sewed things, but that was about it. Still, it was a great way to introduce skills which could come in handy later in life, and it was not a gender-specific class. Nowadays I have no idea if my old middle school has a home ec class. Or even if they still have shop classes. I think we have lost something big by doing away with these classes and focusing solely on academia. Not everyone will go or wants to go to college. It should not be looked down upon if this…

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