Daily writing challenge accepted.

Delayed post from Monday 🙂

Todays daily challenge is simply titled – Time Machine. I love this challenge and know exactly where I would go. Even for a short period of time. I imagine the glorious adventure to go a little something like this.

It’s a warm Friday morning and I finally decide to take my Free-Time-Travel-For-One trip I won last August at the local fare. It’s been posted on my fridge all this time and I’d hate to see it go to waste. All I need to do is call and make my reservation, and the rest is, well, me making history. And so I do just that. I pick up the phone and dial the number on the voucher. The friendly lady on the other end is nearly more excited than I am. The first thing she asks is “where would you like to go my dear?”. And without a doubt in mind I reply “I’d love to visit The Romantic Era, French Revolution-18th century.” We then chat a bit about what to expect, what to bring and she asks if I have any questions. I am beyond excitement when I hang up and have a few hours before I step out of this world and into another.

I’ll be gone for a week. I’ve booked time off work and let family and friends know of my plans. Everyone has as many questions as I do, but everyone, including myself, will have to be patient until I return to have the answers. All I can expect is to be completely taken away by the way of living over 200 years ago. I decide to bring a tooth-brush and paste, and a camera. That is it. I’ll be sure to win some hearts with having the freshest breath around, and capture a few photos while doing so.

My mind is overwhelmed with thoughts while waiting to enter the time machine. What will the people be like? Will they be friendly, welcoming, or scared of the futuristic woman? All or any aforementioned? Where am I staying? Is it a castle!? I really hope it’s a castle. With candles in every corner of every room. And beautiful paintings of kings and queens who rule the lands. Huge wooden doors and windows that take strength to open and close. And a view from a room that overlooks perfectly maintained gardens surrounded by ponds  and trees and flowers as far as the eye can see. I picture that same room covered with decorative wall paper, a four-post bed layered in sheets and wool blankets and a fireplace. It’s all so beautiful I can’t even believe that this image will all be a reality in mere moments. I picture the dining room that has a table fit for royalty, but there really is only a few people who live at the castle I will be visiting. The table is big enough to sit 50 people. Perfectly set with wine glasses and gold and silver cutlery, and porcelain dining wear  so delicate I’d be scared to touch.

The people will be nothing less than welcoming and excited to show their newest visitor around their land. The women will have as many questions for me as I do for them, and the men will be so charming with their manners and native tongue. Hearing the conversations between one another with such proper sound it’s like listening to a song being sung right there in front of you. Just beautiful. Seeing how men and women take part in courtship rituals where men show their admiration with serenades and flowery poetry, is chivalry at its finest. It’s exactly how I see this day and age in the movies.

The clothing that I will be draped in during my visit will start with the shaping stays they say will keep you tall and provide a nice shape. Then I’ll have a hoop made of heavy linen tied on to hold the skirt out in a fashionable shape. On top of the hoop will go the petticoat and finally followed by a silk gown with intricate design and colors which is open in the front so you can still see the petticoat. Just lovely. A few more layers of ruffles and neck lines and I’ll be ready to begin the day.

The week away will be spent with afternoon strolls with my new-found friends, chatting with the women and harmlessly flirting with that one that caught my eye. The evenings will be filled with balls and social gatherings filled with dining and drinking and dancing until the sun comes up. After retiring to my luxurious sleeping quarters for as long as I need I will wake to the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods too many to choose from. And all to the sound of silence where no street traffic, city noise, tv’s, or cell phones are around to interrupt the peaceful serenity of what my time travel dream has taken me.

Such a beautiful image it is.




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