Coachella countdown is on. Bust it.

Happy Saturday everybody!

I just registered my wristband for Coachella and couldn’t be more excited!! Which got me thinking I need to look into the artists I’m not familiar with as every time I go to a festival I fall in love with so many acts that I’ve never heard of. This time I want to be on the look out and not hear a song a week later and say, damn. Would’ve seen them. So this weekend I’ll dedicate some time to a handful of new sounds and get pumped up for those that I already love. Kitchen floor dance party? Heck yes!

The first artist I’ve been checking out is Chance The Rapper. Can somebody please tell me why its taken this long for me to discover this guy? I’m 100% felling his vibe.

Empire Of The Sun aren’t new to me, but it’s been awhile since I’ve listened to them. I hope they play during the day. They have the perfect sound for dancing in the sun!

I missed Holy Ghost! when they were here last. I love synthpop! Note to self: invest in a synthesizer.

The Magician is a must!! Did I mention I like to dance?

I was lucky to catch The Naked And Famous twice in 2011 in Chicago. They opened for Crystal Castles at the House of Blues and played Lollapalooza the next day. They put on such a great live show!

Of course it’s not all about hiphop and synthesizers.I hope I can catch The Replacements for one of my rock fixes. And I most definitely will be seeing Queens of the Stone Age. I just love Joshua Homme’s voice.

This is by far a final list. To be continued…


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