The Alcoholic of the Dating World

An enjoyable read for all the single ladies. And relatable.

Ramblings from the bathroom floor

My dating past is, well, there are a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe it: hilarious, ridiculous, messy, spotty, did I mention ridiculous??  Every time someone asks me if I’m seeing anyone, I immediate go on the defense.  It goes something like this:

Random Person at Networking Event: So, what does your husband do?

Me: <begin awkward movements: first up – wring hands> Oh, I’m not married.

RP@NE: Oh, how about your boyfriend?

Me: <much more hand wringing) Nope… strike two.

RP@NE: Oh, you’re single?  Well, that can’t be!  You’ll find someone.  He’s out there.  Just stop looking!  Let him find you!  You’re great – there’s no way you’ll be single forever.

Me: …

RP@NE: Is that cheese?  I’m going to go get some cheese. <super awkwardly walks away>

Beyond being able to quickly change into PJs the moment you walk in the door and hog the…

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