A weekend of firsts

This weekend one of my closest friends is getting married. The wedding will be the first of a friends that I attend as a guest and not as part of the bridal party. I’m looking forward to seeing it all go down from the other side. This is also the first guy friend wedding, so it’s quite different as far as emotions go. Usually females are constantly talking about the details, and sharing their feelings and excitement. That’s not the case when it’s a guy pal that’s having the big day. For my girlfriends I typically write a nice letter or in a card, my hopes to come for the couple which often brings some tears. Females love receiving little memorabilia items on any occasion. On the other hand, I don’t believe that guys do. Do I give him a hug and a cigar, and call it a day? Would guys appreciate a mushy card from one of their life long girlfriends? I’m doubtful. It’s not about that, I know. But I can’t help to feel inclined to do something special for someone close to me. I have a few days to decide on getting all mushy, or keeping it cool for his sake. Whatever the outcome, I’m looking forward to being apart of this special occasion.  This weekend of firsts is bound to be memorable all on its own.


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