Turkey Chili done right.

Turkey Chili done right.

Chili is great anytime of year. Sure it’s a great comfort food on cold winter days, but it’s equally enjoyable on warm spring days as well. I was craving some Mexican inspired cuisine yesterday but didn’t want to indulge in the cheese and tortillas or sour cream ( I have a weakness for sour cream). So I whipped up some paleo-friendly slow cooker chili and my taste buds were not disappointed.

I used ground turkey to cut the fat and loaded it up with onions, bell peppers and plum tomatoes. Mixed with a fair amount of spices (cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, chili powder, s&p) and let cook on low throughout the night. The house smelt mighty tasty this morning and having chili for breakfast may have crossed my mind. I managed to avoid the tempt and save the tasty goodness for tonight’s dinner.

Adding some diced avocado gives the chili the creamy texture that sour cream would have, only with a healthy fat your skin will thank you for.

Mighty tasty indeed!


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