40 days of summer




I want this summer to be jam-packed with new memories. So I’ve decided to create a list of things to do to help make this summer action packed and full of fun. The list isn’t complete by any means and chances are, I will add to the list and make changes as I see fit and that’s ok. Part of the excitement of summer is doing things spontaneously! And I hope to take advantage of  the long days to the fullest.

I want more days away from the city. Either camping or road tripping to an unknown destination. More time at a lake is a must. I love my city, but would love it even more if there were more lakes that were of welcoming temperature rather than glacier runoff. I want weekend getaways to new cities for baseball games, strolls through downtown at night, bike rides through downtown at night and there’s nothing like an outdoor concert.

The first thing that was crossed off the list was a girls cottage getaway and that all went down last weekend. Myself and 3 lovely friends took advantage of Ontario’s beautiful climate for a weekend adventure at Stoney Lake. We rented a cute little cottage right on the water at Viamede Resort located in the Kwarthas. This place was made for summertime fun.  Picture the movie dirty dancing and this was the setting of our weekend. Only with a little less dancing and little less Swayze. The whole weekend was full of firsts and wonderful memories shared with friends. It’s a beautiful country we live in and summer is the best time explore!

I hope I encourage you to make your own list of adventures and share with all near and far.

Happy Sunday.


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