Strawberry chocolate because why not.

I made my first tart today and it’s almost too pretty to cut up and serve.



This Is What Happens When Women Reject Men Online

A little light reading at 0445 by one of my favorites. And be sure to check out Bye Felipe

James Michael Sama

So, here’s the deal. I quite often get rebuttals from people on my articles asking why I ‘criticize’ men so much more than women. One of the reasons is that I frequently hear many more complaints from women about men, than I do the other way around – so there is much to talk about.

A second reason is being a man myself, I actually have a vested interest in how other men act and are perceived – because we do represent each other in many ways. (For example, the phrase ‘all men are jerks’ or similar wouldn’t even exist if, well, most men weren’t actually jerks).

A third reason is, honestly, the often overlooked need for this criticism. Women are not innocent either, nobody is – but I don’t see many Instagram accounts being set up to showcase how insulting and immature women are when men reject them.


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How To: Stop Hanging Out And Start Dating

Great little video on hanging out vs dating

James Michael Sama

I have to give credit where it’s due. The Art Of Manliness put together this great ‘instructional video’ which reinforces some of the things I talk about on this blog – particularly that hanging out is not the same as dating.

In the video, Bill and Mr. Narrator Man discuss the differences between hanging out and dating, as well as the 3 P’s that make a date, a date.


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Pizza Lovers, Be Warned: Pizza with Strawberries, Goat’s Cheese and Pink Peppercorn

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Forget all the pizza knowledge you have acquired throughout your pizza-adoring life, because it is time for a reset!

A pizza is not just a brilliant edible plate to help you transport tomato sauce smothered with mozzarella into your mouth, it is also –and more importantly- a white canvas that you can paint with all the yummiest flavour combos on the planet. And when I’m talking about flavour combos, I don’t mean the usual peperoni-cheese/ tuna-olive / ham-pineapple (oh horror!)/ …

Oh no. What I mean by yummy flavour combos are those bonkers, stylish, avant-garde flavours you would normally never put on a pizza. Not in a million years. And yet you do it, because you’re the Queen of Flavour Bombs and trust your own foodie instincts.

A couple of days ago, I (the one and only Queen of Flavour Bombs) had a pizza epiphany:

I.Put. Strawberries. On. My. Pizza.

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The Alcoholic of the Dating World

An enjoyable read for all the single ladies. And relatable.

Ramblings from the bathroom floor

My dating past is, well, there are a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe it: hilarious, ridiculous, messy, spotty, did I mention ridiculous??  Every time someone asks me if I’m seeing anyone, I immediate go on the defense.  It goes something like this:

Random Person at Networking Event: So, what does your husband do?

Me: <begin awkward movements: first up – wring hands> Oh, I’m not married.

RP@NE: Oh, how about your boyfriend?

Me: <much more hand wringing) Nope… strike two.

RP@NE: Oh, you’re single?  Well, that can’t be!  You’ll find someone.  He’s out there.  Just stop looking!  Let him find you!  You’re great – there’s no way you’ll be single forever.

Me: …

RP@NE: Is that cheese?  I’m going to go get some cheese. <super awkwardly walks away>

Beyond being able to quickly change into PJs the moment you walk in the door and hog the…

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11 Things Men Want Women To Know

Now this here is a great read. As a single gal in the dating world I think about this often. Why are men so complicated? When really they aren’t, and it’s me making myself believe they are complicated by putting too much thought into trying to figure them out. One date at a time. When really, all that needs to be done is spend some time getting to know each other, rather than trying to figure each other out. It’s enough to drive you crazy. And if that someone doesn’t return the desire to get to you the same as you may them, it’s not a sign. It’s a fact that not only are they not the one, they aren’t a stepping stone to the right one either.